Eagle--The Case VAI Industrial
Also, Case DI

     This is what Eagle looked like when we found it--after running a weedwhacker. We got it from David Blackwell, who got it from his father, who got it from an uncle.  We think it originated with the Alabama road department as it was originally fitted with a sickle mower and sported yellow paint.  It has been sitting up since the '70s

Assessment--Generally, the tractor is a disaster.  Two rims and three tires were shot.  No battery.  Generator and electrical system are shot.  Hydraulics are a mess.  Engine was stuck.  Brakes were stuck.  Seat and fuel tank were missing.  The major concerns were the stuck engine and wheels/tires.  An FMC tire-drive mower supplied front rims.  The back rim is rare.  Tires are expensive.

Bo Blackwell winches "Eagle" aboard.  The tires don't roll.
A big come-along and and a big pipe are mandatory.  A strapping young lad is helpful to have, too.
The black marks are a sample of what we did to the yard trying to turn the tractor around.

The minimum cost and effort to make this thing go is all that is planned.  David gave it to us with the dare that we couldn't make it run.  When running, we plan to drive it in the Chumuckla Redneck Parade.

     Case made the engine (some models used other brands of engines).  The middle two cylinders were bigtime stuck.  The exhaust stack was uncovered and the engine was full of water, acorns and feces.
      After weeks of soaking in penetrating oil, a 4-ton hydraulic device was used to push the middle pistons out.  Big Red sat on the front to keep Eagle on the ground.  It took a full day of pecking to get the rings free.  One was broken.  We'll run that one on 3 rings.  This is going to be a total low $ project.  There was very little wear on bearings and cylinders.

     We began the valve job.  The head is a disaster and will have to go to a machine shop for new exhaust seats.  The guides, intake valves and seats were fine.  The intakes have a 45 degree angle and the exhausts have a 30 degree angle (or 60 depending how you look at it).  It turned out that the cast iron was rotten and new iron had to be flame sprayed before new seat pockets could be cut!

Update!  The head was a real mess.  About $250 worth of work was needed owing to rotten iron around the valve seats.  The engine is reassembled and the electrical is being patched up.  The starter needs lube and we are waiting on a coil bracket.  New CASE labeled instruments are FINALLY here.  We plan to try firing it off soon, but it will be a while before we can run the tractor.  A few other projects have been taking up time and we need to find a wheel and some tires.

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