Big Red
Belarus 400A

    Big Red is our prime mover.  Before we rehab'd the trailer and got the new truck, Red went cross country for miles, seeking game.  Big Red is 18 years old and is undergoing some rehabilitation while remaining available for duty.

     Too many years of hitting stumps and anthills with an oversized mower have worked on Red's clutch and drivetrain.  It's aircooled engine overheats.  Oil pressure line is busted.  Electrical system is iffy. Needs a battery.  Tires are dryrotted.  Needs paint.  Hydraulics leak.  Still, we drag tractors home, mow the airstrip, do a little logging, pull engines, and grade the driveway with it.  Good ol' tractor.

     Belarus tractors are very economical to operate and easy to service.  I don't know if parts are easy or hard or expensive or cheap to get.  I haven't bought any.  Whenever we change the oil in anything around the farm, we just dump it into Red's fuel tank and that's what it burns, including mineral spirits, paint thinner, kerosene and gear lube.

     We'll have more on Big Red soon.