Penny Tach Cap

You can't buy much for a penny, but there is one repair you can make that will cost you exactly 1 cent.

Recently, we were working on a JD420 and noticed the tachometer cable was broken.  It isn't unusual for these cables to break internally, because nobody ever lubricates them.  Unfortunately, the outer shell of the cable was broken, too, right down where it connects next to the distributor.  Left undone won't harm anything mechanically, but rain can get in and oil might get out.

We unscrewed the nut and tossed the old cable stub.  We put a penny on the tach drive and screwed the nut back on.  Quick repair!

Feel like a big spender?  Take it back off and add an O-ring.  100 per cent sealed now and still pretty cheap!

And if you noticed that isn't the right distributor, you get one attaboy!