John Deere M

     We found this cutie north of Flomaton, Alabama.  We cheated, using the ATV's winch to load up!  As usual, someone had left the exhaust open.  The engine stuck.  The previous owner poured some charcoal starter into the plug holes and bumped the starter until it unstuck!  Amazingly, they did not cover the exhaust or put the plugs back in.  It is stuck again!  Really stuck.

     All the tires hold air, sheet metal is fair and it has a 12 volt conversion.  One hubcap is cracked, rear rims are iffy, no seat and a missing axle nut was replaced with a weld.  We can't wait to start on this one, but we are spending much of our time doing hurricane cleanup and repairs.  Hurricane Dennis actually weathercocked this tractor!  Watch for progress reports.